At Leighton we know how important looking after your vehilce is. In our state of the art workshop you can be rest assured that you're vehicle will be well taken care of by our expert team. 

Minor Service (oil & filter) £XXX+ VAT
Major Service (oil, air, pollen fileter & oil change) £XXX+ VAT

Premium Protection Detailing
Protect your van with a premium protection detail at Leighton Vans. From your wheels to your windows, we've got you covered.

What does an exterior detail include? 
✓ Rinse vehicle.

✓ Scrub window seals, door shuts etc with multipurpose cleaner.
✓ Wash vehicle.
✓ Clean wheels and under arches.
✓ Decontaminate vehicle using a fall out remover.
✓ Wash vehicle.
✓ Clay vehicle to remove any contamination left behind.
✓ Single stage machine polish to remove up to 80% of marks from the paint.
✓ Apply a coat of Swissvax Shield Wax.
✓ Seal wheels.
✓ Dress tyres.
✓ Treat external plastics.
✓ Clean the glass

Here at Leighton we can also do an interior detail so your vehicle can be spotless inside and out! 

Exterior Detail £354
Interior Detail £120

If you'd like to arrange one of the services above, or can't see what you are looking for please call us on 0114 283 8484 to get booked in or fill in the short form below and a member of our service team will be in touch.  


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