Wheels & Tyres
Fitting alloy wheels to your Transporter is a quick way to give it the wow factor and really makes it stand out in a crowd. Leighton Parts stock a choice of designs and colours, all you have to decide is which sort suit you best!

Some might say the next decision is the most important of all, tyres! As these are the only part of your van in contact with the ground it's definitely worth considering your options thoroughly based on where you travel. Need some advice, give us a shout. 

  Part + Price Fitted
Full Set Of Leighton Alloys   
+Minnell Budget £1,527 
+Uniroyal Rainsport £1,767

Suspension & Springs
Coils and springs to absorb vibrations and bumps during your travels. Maybe you want a little more comfort or a lower ride height for your Transporter either way we've got you covered.

What's included?
✓ Kit fully fitted

✓ Wheel Alignment
✓ Wheel Balancing

  Part + Price Fitted
Cobra Lowering Springs £548
Bilstein B14  £1,455
Bilstein B14 4Motion £1,455 
Bilstein B14 Komfort £2,055
Bilstein B14 Komfort 4Motion £2,055

Wheel Alignment
Wheel alignment and wheel balancing plays an important role in the performance of your vehicle. Left unattended you may experience a rough ride and uneven tyre wear earlier than normal, meaning their life span could be shortened.

Wheel Alignment £90
Wheel Alignment & Wheel Balancing £180

 If you'd like to arrange one of the services above, or can't see what you are looking for please call us on 0114 283 8484 to get booked in or fill in the short form below and a member of our service team will be in touch.  

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