Rear Spoiler Fitting
At Leighton Vans we are now offering Rear Spoiler Fitting!

Rear spoilers add a sporty aesthetic to your van, complimenting the van's striking design by adding just that bit more to the design of the rear.

This modification can now be done in-house here at Leighton Vans, keep scrolling for more info!

What's included?
✓ Paint rear spoiler to match your van's colour code.
✓ Preparing of van surface.
✓ Fitment of rear spoiler.

Get a rear spoiler fitted to your van for just £280+VAT.

What happens now?
If you'd like to book in for a Rear Spoiler Fitting or you'd simply like to know more, fill out an enquiry form below.

We'll then be in touch shortly to progress this further!

Rear Spoiler Fitting Enquiry Form