Pendle Gearbox Remap
As an 'Approved Agent' of Pendle Performance’s software solutions, we are now able to offer DSG gearbox remaps at LV HQ for the T6/T6.1!

The gearbox remap takes your van's performance to a new level, bringing quicker shift speeds, increased clamping force and much more.

This remap can also be booked in as a package with the engine remap for a discounted price.

What are the benefits of a gearbox remap?
✓ Picks up power quicker
✓ Increased Shift Speed Points
✓ Quicker when shifting gear
✓ Full Manual Mode (doesn’t upshift)
✓ Increased Clamping Force

If you already have a Pendle engine remap, a gearbox remap would cost £245+VAT.

This gearbox remap can be done at the same time as an engine remap, with a package cost of £540+VAT.

What happens now?
If you'd like to book in for a remap or if you'd simply like to know more, fill out an enquiry form below.

We'll then be in touch shortly to progress this further!

Pendle Gearbox Remap Enquiry Form